Making the Most of Your Quarterlife Crisis

Originally created in collaboration with the SimpleHabit meditation app, these 4 short guided exercises provide a depth psychological lens to make the most of a Quarterlife Crisis. Exercises are available as streaming MP3s, or are downloadable.

“Simply love it! The words are so powerful and accurate (at least for me) that made me cry. It gets me more positive in the end and makes me want to be a better version of myself. THANK YOU!!!” -Mahoco

“The first session was so powerful I ended up crying over the piece of paper… Can’t wait to move on to the second session! Thank you thank you thank you!” -Solenne

“This really helped me focus on what I need for me. Please make more!!!” -Mari

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Managing Anxiety

These 6 short exercises for the body and imagination were designed to support in the management of anxiety in the moment and for the long term. Originally made in partnership with the meditation app Simple Habit, these MP3s are streamable or downloadable.

“LOVED THIS!!!” - Sara C.

“Very calming and helpful.” -Carla

“This is so helpful, thank you, it is so good to feel settled into my body.” -Deborah

“What helpful words and techniques when anxious. I use them again and again in the periods when anxiety comes at night.” -Sara

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How to Get Over a Crush

This short guided exercise, originally made in collaboration with the SimpleHabit meditation app, will support you to “unhook” from a crush. File is an MP3 download.

“Wow, this was incredible. Can you please make this a series?” -Lorena

“This is really what I need. Thank you so much!” -Monique

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